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From the Newspapers

The following are entries in the local newspapers from the 19th Century which were uncovered by local historian Keith Parker.

Hereford Journal 16 June 1832

The passing of the Reform Act by the House of Lords was greeted in Presteigne by ‘the merry peals’ of the church bells.

Hereford Journal 31 October 1849

The four days celebration of the coming of age of Francis Evelyn of Corton – a very eligible bachelor – saw the church bells ringing ‘merry peals’ on each day from Monday 22nd to 25th October.

Hereford Times 25 June 1887

The Celebration of Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee on 21st June began with the ringing of the church bells at 6 am along with the firing of a Royal Salute.

Hereford Times 4 January 1890

A letter to the editor noting a great improvement in the ringing of the Presteigne church bells and wishing that the same could be said of the singing of the choir and congregation.

Radnor Express 8 March 1900

The relief of Ladysmith celebrated with the ringing of the church bells and a day’s holiday for the pupils of the Intermediate (Grammar) School.

Hereford Times 25 May 1900

The relief of Mafeking on 18th May again celebrated with the ringing of church bells.

A publication called Campanology was published weekly from 16th September 1896 to 10th March 1897. This article featured in the edition of the 3rd February 1897 and describes the first change ringing on the bells. It also gives an insight into the condition of the bells before they were augmented and rehung in 1906.
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The following article appeared in the Mid Wales Journal on the 30th October 2015 following the removal of the bells from the tower.
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